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AOWCP installs billboard along the Ohio River

The Appalachian Ohio Weed Control Partnership along with Southern Indian Cooperative Invasives Management ( and River to River Cooperative Weed Management Area ( have continued working together to address invasive plant issues along the Ohio River.  Our partnership, Central Hardwoods Invasive Plant Network (CHIP-N) has partnered with the Ohio River Basin Fish Habitat Partnership and Wildlife Forever to install a billboard in Southern Ohio. We’ve had our billboard up along US 52 between Ashland, KY  and Southpoint, OH for over a month.  We should get anywhere from 800k-900k views over this time frame.  Hopefully efforts like this help people realize the importance of cleaning boating gear before traveling to another body of water.


AOWCP celebrates its first birthday with technical meeting to facilitate management of hydrilla on the Ohio River

The AOWCP turned 1 year old last Wednesday June 26th. To celebrate, we thought we’d discuss the management of hydrilla on the Ohio River. We had several great speakers and many great participants, both in person and over the Internet and phone. I’m providing links to some of the powerpoints presented. However, not all are available currently because they contain unpublished data. I will post them later after the papers are published. Thank you for understanding.

Introduction – Eric Boyda, AOWCP

Ohio River Hydrilla – Dr. Michael Netherland, US Army ERDC

EPRI ORBFHP Hydrilla Workshop – Dr. Doug Dixon, EPRI

Tools for Early Detection, Hydrilla Workshop, June 2013 – Kate Howe, MIPN