Making a difference in your yard – swap out invasive common buckthorn and try a native plant instead

By RICK MEADER (MI), Thu, Jun 27, 2013 11:10 pm—trade-a-native-for-an-invasive/

About appalachianohioweeds

My name is Eric Boyda and I am the current coordinator of the Appalachian Ohio Weed Control Partnership. My interests include increasing the awareness of invasive plants and helping individuals or groups plan control strategies.

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  1. I know when the real estate agency donated the sweet water bog behind us (yea right it was pressure groups that motivated them it wasnt out of the goodness of their hearts) the ohio dept of natural resources went in there and tore out alot of those buckthrons, I used to walk back there before they did and those things really are thorny, ouch! they tore out alot of other shrubbery too, only thing is they have not done anything to it, they were supposed to make a park out of it, it has rare plants like the pitcher plant, I bet much of the buckthron grew back, it would be a shame if they didn’t plant natives there it would be really cool to see what kind of animals love sweet water bogs with native plants. they were supposed to build a boardwalk thorough it so you could see all the plants in the water but they never did, it still sits unaltered since they did the tearing out of buckthrone. it is 30 acres, it has overgrown alot, wonder if they will do as they promised.

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